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I'm a former hospital radio/club/mobile DJ, avid record collector and amateur musician (playing guitar, keyboards, recorder, harmonica and percussion.) I've even filled in on bass guitar for a couple of local bands as well (although that was quite a few years ago). Also interested in Motorsports, Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts and Classic Television and Radio from the 1960s - 1980s.

Why am I on here? Well, I'm just trying to make some sense of life before it's too late...but who cares anyway?

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Overloaded (Or a cry for help)

Under pressure from all sides
Don’t think I can handle the stress
Just being expected to do so much
My whole life’s turning into a mess

Left on my own to run the house
As everyone else is at work for the day
Cooking & cleaning, feeding the pets
No one else to do it so I’m told I must stay

Then the pressure begins to mount
with the Jobcentre constantly on my back
“If you do this you’ll soon get a job”
But it doesn’t pan out. “There’s something you lack”

So I try volunteering “It could be worth a punt”
But I end up in a panic – no one knows why
Until I explain about my anxiety
Then all they say is simply “Goodbye”

I’m not even allowed to take a step back
And calm down, of that there’s no hope
It’s getting to be way too much for me
I simply just can’t cope.

I really need some “me time”
Or else I’m going to crack
I wish they’d just leave me alone

©2017 Mark Radbourne