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Saturday, 8 December 2012

So He Thinks I Need Therapy....

Not in the best frame of mind at the moment - despite taking my beta blockers as per instructions.  The truth is, well, I’m dreading this week, especially Wednesday, when I’m due for a regular appointment with Ingeus.

It all stems from one of the things my adviser asked me to do a couple of weeks ago.  According to him, the fact that I was laid off due to suffering from stress was a major reason for me not getting a job, or any interviews for that  matter. (I never mentioned that on any application forms - just that I was laid off on medical grounds.)  So he suggested that I get in touch with my old boss to see if I could persuade him to give a different reason (which there probably was - like cash flow problems) as to why I parted ways with him.

The response I got was less than helpful to say the least. Not only did he insist that he would have to mention the stress related problems, but he also added…

“I am more concerned about your health, I do not know what help you have had from the Medical Services, but I would encourage you to seek help in ways how you can manage your stress as you seem to me to be in the extreme category.”

Now I freely admit that I’ve had mental health issues in one form or another for the last 6 years, but for my ex boss to make out that I have more serious problems (and that’s the impression I’m getting from that paragraph) is, to say the least, upsetting.  I’ve found it difficult enough to find a job at the best of times, but thanks to him, any chance I have of finding work (of any sort) could well have gone out of the window - and that’s a depressing thought when you’re just a couple of years or so away from reaching the big 5-0.
In the meantime I just have to keep plugging away with the applications and speculative letters - and hope that something does crop up.

I somehow doubt that it will...