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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Time To Send In Reinforcements?

It’s been a busy few months over at the North Norfolk Workout Project with plenty of variation in the tasks I’ve been doing while I’ve been at the office.  For example - one day I could be adding task reports to BTCV’s Management Information System (we just call it MIS as it’s easy to remember), another would find me entering new volunteers’ details on the database, whilst today I was entering the results of a regular wellbeing survey onto the computer.  I’ve even been known to help out with Mark & Fin’s expenses from time to time - all of which has lightened their workloads whilst at the same time giving me much needed work experience.  Recently, things have got to the stage where they’ve now got another chap who’ll be coming in to do some stuff for them as well as roping in a couple of the other volunteers to help out from time to time.  Last Monday was an interesting one as I had a chance to not only meet some of the higher-ups in the organisation, but the Leader of the District Council as well when the project had its second anniversary bash at Holt Country Park.  All in all things do seem to be going well on that side at the moment. 

Elsewhere it's Grand Final time in Speedway's Elite League.  This time the final sees last year's runners-up Poole Pirates taking on Eastbourne Eagles in what could be the most competitive match up this year, with most pundits believing that the right two teams are in the final.  And after Coventry turned them over last year, Poole will certainly be out to prove a point - and with two talented riders like Australians Darcy Ward and Chris Holder in their side they'll be very hard to beat - as King's Lynn Stars found out to their cost last week when they were comprehensively beaten in their semi final second leg.  I'm tipping the Pirates to win this year but I reckon that Eastbourne could give then a close contest.  And on a side note,  it's congratulations to Greg Hancock as the popular American clinched his second world title  in the penultimate round of the Speedway Grand Prix series in Croatia a little over a week ago.  Many feel that this victory (Hancock's first in 14 years) could bring about a resurgence in the sport over in the U.S.  Only time will tell...

Till the nest time folks....