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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Challenging Times Ahead...

It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least.  first off there's the news that the North Norfolk Workout Project loses its funding next June. In the meantime there has been a number of meetings set up to work out what would be the best way forward - and it turns out that one possible solution would be to run the project as a community group.  As a couple of people from the Norwich Green Gym explained to us at Merchants Place on Thursday, it would he hard work to start with but the results would be worth the extra effort. We even had one of the BTCV higher-ups who admitted that she sometimes found it difficult understanding some of the puns that Mark Webster uses when he's preparing write-ups on the tasks which go on the website. Mind you, I have that problem myself, although when I upload the listings, I've been known to - shall we say - go along with the in-jokes.  (There was one task I remember which Mark had called "(Moon) Grassraker".  So the description began "Now pay attention 007..." which did get a few laughs around the office.)

Elsewhere, I seem to be getting dragged into an argument at Ingeus in Norwich (where I'm on the Work Programme) regarding the effectiveness of speculative letters in helping to get a job.  As I understand it, the managers have been claiming spec letters do lead to people getting employment - a view which David (My adviser) well, disagrees with to a degree.  And to back up his point, he's kept copies of the job logs that I keep to show what I do to find work - so as a result, I appear to be getting caught up in the crossfire.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm keeping out of this one.

So what's next...?