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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Let's Go Racing Boys!

I once mentioned in an old MySpace blog that mid March was quickly becoming my favourite time of year, especially as it coincided with the start of the various motorsports series beginning the new season around this time.  Things are slighly different this year as thanks to a deal with Premier Sports, I'm unable to watch live coverage of NASCAR's Sprint Cup series, but I've been able to catch the regular 1-hour highlights shows on Sky Sports.the last few weeks.  Formula 1, Speedway's Elite League and the Indy Car series all get under way in the next few days, so I'll be hanging out the "Do Not Disturb" sign quite a lot over the next few months...

And it's Formula 1 which has seen quite a few changes over the winter period.  New for this year are the moveable rear wings which (it is hoped) will assist with overtaking. The old  KERS system returns as well, but the big change (in my view at least) is with the tyres, which are now being supplied by Pirelli, who took over from Bridgestone.  But what they've done is to produce a tyre which isn't as durable as the one Bridgestone came up with.  Last year drivers only needed to make one pit stop, but there has been speculation that three or even four stops might be needed.  Some have speculated that there might be the odd upset or two as a result.   I'm not too keen on Bernie Ecclestone's latest idea though - he's been suggesting that races should be "spiced up" by dampening the tracks with sprinklers - his line of thinking being that the most exciting action happens during wet races.  Somehow, I don't think this'll happen.

Anyway, it looks as though as this year's F1 season could be an interesting one with all the rule changes.  All that's left to do, in the words of NASCAR commentator Larry McReynolds, "reach up and pull those belts tight ONE MORE TIME!"