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Monday, 8 November 2010

You Can Always Count On Someone To Mess Things Up....

Well, I'm finally off Flexible New Deal, but the transition back to my old routine didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped, but more on that later...

As far as Jobcentre Plus were concerned, they were virtually faultless, even going as far as leaving a voicemail message for me while I was on my last day at RSPCA in Cromer, to arrange an appointment for Friday morning at half nine.   A4e had also arranged an appoinment for that day, but the time stipulated meant that I could get both lots done in one go without too much messing around.

The procedure at the Jobcentre went like clockwork, the whole thing taking less than half an hour, so armed with a new Jobseeker's Agreement and details of a couple of vacancies, I spent the next hour in the library, catching up with a few e-mails while I waited for the next available bus to Norwich so I could get  the A4e appointment done.

Once I had arrived, I grabbed some chips from the market, before making my way down to the A4e offices in Sackville Place, stopping off at a second-hand record shop on the way.

I was on time for my appointment, but in a classic piece of A4e incompetence, I was told when I had recovered from negotiating three flights of stairs that it was cancelled. (How's that for lousy timing?)  It turned out that they had left a message on the landline (when, as I later found out, I was already on the bus), but they never bothered to ring me on my mobile.  Anyway, the adviser I spoke to decided to go ahead and get the last bit of paperwork done so I didn't have a wasted journey after all.

I'm now back at home during the daytime, where I'm continuing my jobsearch online.  Mind you, at least I haven't got the likes of A4e constantly breathing down my neck the way they have done for the last 12 months...