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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Update 28/09/10

The last few weeks have been uneventful to say the least, but there was a welcome distraction last Friday when Sky Arts 1 showed a couple of 60s pop-related programmes, Swinging UK and UK Swings Again.  Hosted by Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew and Kent Walton (yes grapple fans, that Kent Walton), these 30-minute films were originally intended to be shown in cinemas as a support to the main feature, and included lip-synched performances by acts such as The Animals, The Hollies, Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, Merseybeats, Lulu and The Applejacks, most of whom I was familiar with through various compilation albums.  However, there were two bands I had never heard of before:  The Whackers (who, according to the footage, were one of the many bands coming from Liverpool) and The Cockneys (whose members were dressed like the pearly kings), but whenever I tried to find out any information on those bands or their records I couldn’t find anything - not even Wikipedia could help out this time.  Anyway, notwithstanding that issue, it was nice to see some of the old footage in full (as I had only seen brief clips on programmes like Rock Family Trees) in their original context.  As a result, I’m keeping a close eye on Amazon and the other sites like HMV in case any similar films are available on DVD.

Elsewhere, Monday night saw the first leg of speedway’s Elite League grand final with the Coventry Bees playing host to the Poole Pirates at Brandon Stadium.  The Pirates have been dominant this year, having been on top of the league throughout (as well as boasting an unbeaten home record this season), but Coventry have provided one of the season’s big stories - after the first few weeks they were dead last, but after a few team changes their fortunes turned around and after winning seven consecutive meetings they had managed to push their way up to fourth in the table, gaining the last play-off spot.  Bees skipper Chris Harris has to be given credit here, thanks to an incredible run of good form which continued into the Grand Prix series, where he came second in the Italian round on Saturday night, moving him into seventh spot in the World Championship standings.  As it stands, Coventry take a 12-point lead from the first leg which they won 51-39, setting things up nicely for the return leg over at Poole next Monday night.