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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Memories Off The Box and Fingers Crossed Time...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed after a phone call from A4e yesterday afternoon regarding the work boost placement thaey had discussed with me last week. One of the places I had put down on a list of possible placements (a museum in Sheringham) got back to them a few days ago with some positive feedback on the idea. I'm now waiting for another call from the office to let me know when I can go over there for an informal chat about the scheme.

Meanwhile, several people had been discussing old TV memories on the Digital Spy forum, which got me thinking about some of the programmes that I could remember - not the high profile soaps and drama series, but those obscure programmes you would only see on Sunday mornings before live coverage of a church service (yes, we even had those on BBC 1 or ITV on a regular basis back in the old days) like those "teach yourself a foreign language" series, where they would show a news programme from French or German television, Asian magazine programmes or series like "Farming Diary". You'd even get the occasional programme in Welsh, but "on certain transmitters only", but it was the music played during the interval, "O'er The Stones" (as recorded at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop), which would stick in my mind from those days.

It's hard to imagine that scenario happening in today's multi-channel climate, and its still hard to believe it was 22 years ago when we only had four television channels to choose from...