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I'm a former hospital radio/club/mobile DJ, avid record collector and amateur musician (playing guitar, keyboards, recorder, harmonica and percussion.) I've even filled in on bass guitar for a couple of local bands as well (although that was quite a few years ago). Also interested in Motorsports, Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts and Classic Television and Radio from the 1960s - 1980s.

Why am I on here? Well, I'm just trying to make some sense of life before it's too late...but who cares anyway?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Compare and contrast

This time last year a search on Universal Jobmatch for vacancies in Norwich over a 3 day period yielded 40 pages of results (approx 1,000 jobs)

Today: using exactly the same search criteria; 8 pages of results (180 jobs)

Now with all respect to DWP no amount of visits to jobs fairs, work experience placements, training courses, seminars and other initiatves is going to get me closer to finding paid full-time work, especially as an advisor on your flagship Work Programme deemed me as "too old" at 48 years of age four years ago.  

I'm now 52 years old with type 2 diabetes and various mental health issues, so in the immortal words of one Vincent K. McMahon I have "no chance in hell" of finding meaningful paid employment.  I've had job interviews cut off when employers discovered that I was laid off due to "stress related illness", and in one case had an extremely severe lecturing from one HR person at a caravan park  in Trimmingham purely for using public transport!  No matter how hard I try, or how much of an effort I make to try and better myself, I keep getting pushed back further and further.  It's not just a glass ceiling that I run into, it's a bloody titanium-plated lead wall!

So while it's good news (in a way) when the unemployment rate is down to the lowest it's been for around 42 years, it's getting more difficult to actually find a job as the figures I've quoted above illustrate.  And the more knock-backs I get, the less confident I get about getting work.

Thank God I don't have to go through the humiliation of one of those Work Capability Assessments.....

Friday, 3 February 2017

The following was something I sent to one of my Twitter followers after I saw several posts expressing her frustration at being single..

There’s something I need to say to you
And I hope you don’t mind if I do
It’s something that I need to share
and prove to you that I do care

You see, when I ask “are you OK”,
it’s just the first thing I can say
I’d like to help out if I can
So put your trust in this gentle man

If you just want some idle chat
Well, I would be OK with that
It would help to pass the time
and hopefully, you’ll soon feel fine.

I hope you’ll get to know me well
As there’s loads of stories we could tell
There’s no need for you to be scared
as a problem halved, is a problem shared

There’s one more thing that I must say
As we reach the end of the day
Distance may keep us far apart
but you’ll always have a place in my heart.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

That Was The Year That Was....

WARNING - this video contains strong language.


Well someone best tell Flo & Joan to write another verse
Because the year 2016 has just got even worse
Rick Parfitt, Carrie Fisher and George Michael have all gone
I bet the girls will need to write an even longer song!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Radio Junk

There's a reason that certain tracks remain "forgotten" - it's all down to the tastemakers who run radio thinking certain songs aren't cool or credible enough.  Remember when Absolute 60s started in 2011? Loads of acts who were successful at that time were cut off the playlist as they weren't seen by the radio station as "influential on musicians of the present day".

They say "listen to one of the gold stations": I can't even pick them up in my neck of the woods - and DAB reception here is limited at best.

To sum up, I'm slowly losing faith in "music radio" these days. There's very little to interest me, and the formats are getting restrictive, and if you're out in the sticks like I am the choice of stations is limited to say the least.

Friday, 19 August 2016

All Porkies Great And Small

 (To the tune of "All Creatures Great And Small")

All lies white and beautiful
All porkies great and small
all fibs big and wonderful
The D.J. told them all

He says there is no album
On which this track appears
But someone else knows better
And that is what he fears

All lies white and beautiful
All porkies great and small
all fibs big and wonderful
The D.J. told them all

He then claims that this LP
Came out in the U.K.
This punter then corrects him
That’s twice he’s lied today

All lies white and beautiful
All porkies great and small
all fibs big and wonderful
The D.J. told them all

Don’t call this bloke pedantic
Or get him in a fight
‘Cos at the end of the day
The Punter’s always right

All lies white and beautiful
All porkies great and small
all fibs big and wonderful
The D.J. told them all

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Guess I'm Not Cut Out For "The Clique"

So dear reader, you ask why I don't fit in to this "clique" I refer to in the title of this entry.

1) I'm so far out in the sticks that I can't get to these meet-ups I hear so much about, and can't afford to get to anyway...

2) I don't go round hobnobbing with has-beens who are so desperate to recapture past glories...

3) I have too much to worry about in the "Here and Now" to get obsessed with stuff which happened over 30 years ago for two hours every week...

4) And whenever I throw some extra info to fill in a blank or correct a mistake, this guy who's seen as God by some thinks I'm pedantic.

Well, I've had enough. I can find better ways of occupying myself on a Sunday night than living in the past.  The others can do what they wish. I'll march to the beat of my own drum, not a Simmons SDS 5.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Random Rumblings......

 Just a few random thougths running through my head....

Porn actresses; if you have a complaint, come on, get it off your chest….

DJs on oldies radio stations - always living in the past....…

Plumbers; if you have a cold, take something to clear your pipes……

Vicars; practice what you preach…..

A female footballer wants me to go on a date, but she's in a completely different league..…

Worried about hair loss? Don't be so damned vain!

I lost my heart to a transplant surgeon...…

Ladies, marry a photographer. After a while he’ll get the picture….

Don't become a funeral director - I hear that industry's dying out.…

Saw a film about a carpenter last week - thought the acting was a bit wooden..…

If WWE want to do an angle with someone, they should go to a geometry class..…